A high gain Freeview aerial has several benefits especially when receiving digital channels.

A high gain aerial will work where other lesser aerials may struggle to maintain a reliable reception.

The increase in reception quality could get you extra channels including HD Freeview.

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Standard digital aerial installation


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Digital TV aerial complete our with standard
aerial installation.
From only £99.00 + vat, complete new digital tv aerial installation.

Please note: Our digital aerial price is not just a new digital aerial fitted to your old mast and bracketry. Our price is a new aerial, mast and bracketry. 
We have no hidden extras.

We carry a wide range of digital aerials and would qoute for and install the best suited to your reception needs, the aerials pictured are representative of just some of the high gain models we install.



 Our free quotation service is available for new installations or additional points to an existing functional system.

Our engineer will discuss your requirements, assess the reception in your immediate vicinity and then provide you with a written quotation for the required system.

Registered digital aerial installers

Add a Freeview recorder / receiver

Our range of Freeview recorder / receivers will work with any TV.
There is a large range of Freeview recorders available
We supply the Humax range as these all provide:
Digital TV recording and playback, a high level of reliability, good features and user friendliness and offer excellent value for money

Avoid the Rogues use only registered digital installers

High Gain Aerial Installers

We offer a range of High Gain digital TV aerials which can be supplied and installed from as little as £155.00 + vat

Complete new digital tv aerial installation.

All high gain digital TV aerials that we supply are digital UK approved and are compatible with Freeview integrated TVs, Freeview digi boxes and BT Vision set top boxes.

The 44 Element DMX 8 High Gain TV aerial installation
from only £155.00 + VAT *

CAI Standard 2 Benchmarked, 11.9db gain
Suitable For All Signal Strength Areas
Outstanding Aerial For Digital / Freeview Reception

Our 44 element DMX 8 high gain digital television aerial is supplied and fitted using heavy duty steel mast and brackertry.
You can choose from white, brown, or black WF100 (digital benchmark quality) coaxial cable which would usually be externally run direct from the new digital aerial directly to one TV location.

Our high gain aerial installers can connect as many TVs as you wish to the new digital aerial. Additional parts would be required and we would be pleased to visit and provide a quotation for your new system.

The 52 Element DMX 10 High Gain TV aerial installation
from only £184.00 + VAT *


High Gain Digital aerial DMX5

CAI Standard 1 Benchmarked
Suitable For Outdoor Or Loft Installation
Narrow Acceptance Angle For Good Antighosting Properties

Our 52element DMX 10 high gain aerial installation is supplied and fitted using galvanised 1.25" diameter steel mast and galvanised steel cradle bracket.
we are usually able to offer chimney or wall installation.

* We have based these prices on a 2 storey semi detached domestic property, we install on much larger/taller domestic properties and commercial premises and will be pleased to call and provide an exact quotation and proceed there and then with the installation if required.



 CLICK HERE FOR OFFER DETAILS    Have you new digital aerial installation carried out by Registered digital aerial installers

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The postcode checker is only a guide. We can often obtain a larger number of digital channels than the checker says are available.

Check your postcode for digital reception.

BBC freesat offers a cost effective alternative to freeview reception via an aerial.