Alternatives to Sky and Virgin subscription

We are often asked by customers if there is a cheaper way of getting Sky or Virgin.

The simple answer is no but if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to A Sky or Virgin subscription then here are three options that you might want to take a closer look at.

All three will require a working freeview aerial, we can help with this.

Freeview +
A feeview + receiver is a very nice addition to any TV, freeview + would allow you to pause, rewind and record live freeview channels.
There is a wide range of receivers on the market, most have similar features and functions and like most things the more you spend the more features and functions you would get.
We recommend Humax as we have found they provide excellent value for money and exceptional reliability.

Similar to a freeview + receiver in many of the basic functions, pause, rewind live TV and recording a YouView receiver also combines the ability to scroll backwards over the past seven days TV using BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. Allowing you to catch up on programs you may have missed.
There is also an on demand feature which allows you to choose from a huge selection of programs sorted by genre, comedy, children’s, documentaries, movies etc.
Pay movies
If you love movies there is a good selection of pay films available from Now TV on YouView. You can enjoy Sky Movies unlimited access with a Sky movies monthly pass.
Hardware requirements
YouView will require a good quality freeview reception ideally from a main transmitter to gain all of the available freeview channels and get the most from the system.
There is no monthly subscription but an internet connection is required to enjoy the on demand and paid movie features, you can purchase a receiver directly from us or any electrical retailer or they are available from BT or Talk Talk.
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