BBC/ITV freesat Regional TV                             


BBC One London
BBC One Channel Islands
BBC One South
BBC One South East
BBC One South West
BBC One N. East & Cumbria
BBC One Oxford
BBC One West Midlands
BBC One East Midlands
BBC One North West
BBC One Yorks & Lincs
BBC One Yorks
BBC One East
BBC Two England
BBC One Northern Ireland
BBC One Scotland
BBC One Wales
BBC One West
BBC Two Northern Ireland
BBC Two Scotland
BBC Two Wales
     UTV (Ulster)
STV Grampian
STV Scottish East
ITV1 Scottish West
ITV1 Wales
ITV1 Border England
ITV1 Border Scotland
ITV1 Central West
ITV1 Granada
ITV1 Anglia East
ITV1 Anglia South
ITV1 West
ITV1 West Country
ITV1 Central East
ITV1 Central South
ITV1 Meridian South
ITV1 Meridian East
ITV1 Yorkshire West
ITV1 Tyne Tees North
Channel TV

This freesat channel list is not intended as a reference
 it is simply intended as an example of freesat channels to give our customers a guide of what is available on BBC freesat.
We will keep this page updated as often as we can.