Extra TV points


Extra TV outlets from your existing system.
Adding extra TV outlets to your existing TV aerial system can be as simple as installing an approved quality signal splitter and cabling to the new TV location.
A single extra TV outlet can be connected to your system from as little as £35.00 + vat + materials (normally around £30.00 + vat).
If you are expanding your system to several extra outlets we can often discount the second third or forth extra cable.
Our quote for extra television aerial outlets would be based upon the equipment required and the time it would take us to carry out the installation.

Extra TV outlets from a new system.
We can include as many outlets as you require when we install a new system.
It is most economical to have any outlets installed at the time the new aerial is installed, simply mention to our installer how many and where the outlets are to be installed and he would include this within the quotation for your new system.

Book a free quote today.
We can give guide prices here and over the phone but would need to measure the signal available from your aerial, see the work involved and work out the materials needed, we could then give you a fixed price quote.
To get a free quote your existing system must be working properly on all of the connected TV’s.
If your existing system has problems these would need to be fixed before we could quote for extra outlets and you should book an Aerial repair

Please note we are not able to give free quotes for aerial repairs.

Once we have fixed the problems with your existing system we could then quote for free for the extra outlets you require.



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Amplified or “booster” systems explained.
Every connected outlet will need a minimum amount of signal to allow a freeview TV or set top box to work correctly, 45db should be the absolute minimum 50db is recommended for uninterrupted TV reception.
Each connected outlet will take away signal from the system whether a TV is connected to the outlet or not, it may be that your existing TV aerial signal is adequate for the number of TV’s currently connected but a signal boost may be needed to allow for the addition of extra outlets.
There are many amplifiers available and each have there uses, our recommendation would be for the model best suited for your system, we only install amplifiers when they are needed, there is no point in having too much signal it will not make the picture quality better.
Less signal than required on the other hand will cause problems, missing freeview channels and or pixelation of those channels you do receive.

Will splitting my TV aerial signal to add extra outlets reduce the picture quality ?
No, providing every set is left with the recommended signal level when the work is completed there will be no digital quality loss at all.

Will I need an amplifier ?
Not always, often a TV aerial will provide ample signal to divide to several TV outlets, a quick signal measurement will confirm exactly what equipment is needed.

How much will one extra TV outlet cost including installation ?
Providing your existing aerial has sufficient signal and the installation is relativly straight forward around £70.00 + vat.
We are often able to discount 2nd 3rd and 4th extra outlets, if we install these at the same time.

How much will an amplifier add to the cost ?
There are many types of amplifier available, each have their uses, the minimum aditional cost would be £38.00 + vat.

How many outlets can I have from one aerial ?
As many as you want, most blocks of flats use a single aerial.

Can i connect off a neighbours aerial ?
Not usually economically, there is legislation in place to prevent this without earth bonding (equipotential bonding) being installed to the system, it is usually much cheaper to have your own aerial installed.
If 3 or 4 neighbours get together and share a single aerial then it may be worth while looking at a shared system.

What about wireless extra TV points ?
Currently wireless options are much more costly and in our experience unreliable compared to a hard wired cable, we would only ever use a wireless option if there is no possible way to route a cable to the required position.

I have Sky TV can it be distributed to other rooms ?
Yes, please see our multiroom page for further information on Sky distribution or give us a call.
Any other questions or queries ?
Just give us a call, our telephone staff are here to help.



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