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  Dish Alignment services

Satellite dish alignment is not a DIY job.

Even equipped with a signal meter you are unlikely to achieve the results we can from your dish.

you want the best results from your system call us and arrange for one
of our engineers to call and take care of this relatively small job

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Some frequently asked questions and answers.

Q. How can I tell if my dish needs an alignment ?

You may be missing channels or suffer reception loss in poor weather or have no signal at all, you could have similar symptoms if the LNB,cable or receiver box has a fault. We would check your entire system.

Q. I think my dish has moved can i align it myself ?

You may be able to get some reception but its unlikely, even with a meter you would be able to achieve the quality of reception we could.


Q. What happens if my dish is not aligned correctly ?

You may lose channels, Usually the channels transmitted on the higher frequencies, you would also lose satellite reception quicker in poor weather conditions.


Q. My reception comes and goes does this mean my dish is out of alignment ?

Not usually unless the loss of channels is in poor weather conditions, the signal reaches your dish at an angle so rain or large clouds may not need to be directly overhead to effect your reception. Trees can also block reception, we offer dish relocation services to deal with trees blocking satellite reception.


Q. My reception is intermittent what else could cause this loss of reception ?

A faulty LNB can cause intermittent reception loss on some or all channels as can a faulty receiver, we would check these for you and can supply replacements there and then if required.

Occasionally there are other causes of reception loss, interference from adjacent interfering channels, these problems are usually overcome by dish relocation or the use of specialist filters.

Q. How much does a professional dish alignment cost ?

From as little as £39.00 + vat for a standard Sky or Freesat type dish installed to a wall, we are special heights equipped and trained and can work safely on roofs.

We also work with European systems. Please call for prices.

Bespoke and discrete satellite dish installation

As well as our standard satellite dish installation service
we specialise in providing discrete and bespoke satellite dish installations.
Chimney, wall, flat roof, garden.


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We know that any company is only as good as its staff

Our satellite installers are not just dish fitters

They all have many years hands on experience in the satellite industry.

Are registered digital installers, licenced by the RDI-LB.

Have at least city and guilds qualification.

Have passed CRB checks.

Are special heights trained.

Adhere to industry best practice guidelines as well as our own.








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