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If you reside within a conservation area or listed property there are rules that will apply to the installation of an aerial or satellite array that should be followed to avoid breaking the law and the possibility of prosecution.
Your local authority will offer leaflets or advice on-line and sometimes over the phone however unless you are planning to do the installation yourself you should ensure your installer is fully aware of the restrictions or you could end up with an enforcement notice and having to have the installation carried out again.
We specialise in providing installations that follow the planning guidelines for conservation areas and usual restrictions that cover listed properties.

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We specialise in discrete and bespoke installations and can often provide a choice of satellite dish installation options to include chimney, wall, garden, patio, flat roof, through roof pole mounted, etc.


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Guidance on Installations in brief
If you live in a conservation area, your satellite dish or TV aerial is required to be positioned discretely and usually not be able to be visible from the front of the property or highway, there can be exceptions but these would require planning permission this is sometimes granted but only if there are no alternative available sites that would provide a reception even if this is the case there is no automatic right to have an antenna.
Some but not all local authorities choose not to enforce the TV aerial rules however this could change?
Listed properties have similar guidelines but can have even greater restrictions of where the Aerial or dish can be sited and often may require listed building consent if the aerial or dish will affect the character or appearance of the property, this can also extend to include cabling.
Listed properties and conservation areas are controlled by your local authority planning department and each can interpret the guidelines differently. Some local authorities will impose restrictions if the dish or aerial installation is considered to effect the character of an adjacent listed property.
We can help with your obtaining listed building consent or a planning permission in several ways but after the initial free consultation would charge for our time spent as this would usually require a reception test, a written report and dependent on the amount or help you require the services of our architect, you would at all times be made aware of any charges in advance.We are experts in discrete and hidden installations and can often offer solutions that can very often avoid the need for formal permissions which will save you both time and money.

Government planning portal
The link at the end of this paragraph will take you to the Government Planning portal should you want to check the exacting guidelines that should be followed, above the image to the right click “do I need planning permission”.
You may note that the reality is that most satellite and TV aerial installations you will see on your travels actually break the guidelines even when not installed within a conservation area or upon a listed property.
The problem arises when your local authority decides to enforce the rules that already exist.
Please be aware that when a satellite or aerial installation that breeches guidelines comes to the attention of your local authority in our experience your local authority would usually inspect, issue a notice of intended enforcement, if you then act promptly upon this notice by removing or relocating the offending installation no further action is usually taken, if you don’t you will be prosecuted, the possible expense of defending such enforcement or the fines/costs can be huge.
Privately managed estates and residences may have very different rules and you may incur expenses without notice as there may be pre agreed conditions within your lease or covenants attached to the deeds of your property, you should always seek permission/advice from your landlord or estate managers if in any doubt before you install any satellite or aerial array.
As well a working for the public we do also work for local authorities, estate management companies and landlords, some take a very tough stance with unauthorised aerial and satellite installations.

Planning Portal

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