Communal IRS system installation for 90 dwellings.
Completed earlier this year.

The clients, a co-operative housing association, required a new updated system to replace the existing system serving the 90 dwellings.

The new system was externally wired and provides twin feed satellite signals along with TV, FM and DAB radio signals.

Importantly, part of the requirement was a very neat installation without "wrapping the block in cables"
It was also important that the existing system remained functional during the new system installation.

  Distribution cable installation in progress

Sky dish mounted on a flat roof

Distribution cabling complete

Temporary installation of one of the system hubs with the old system still working in the background.


One of the 18 verticle cable drops.

The single aerial array serving the system, the satellite dish is installed hidden from street view on another part of the block.

Now completely installed the system is providing the residents with trouble free high quality digital reception.

We worked very closley with the residents and scheme managers and through perseverance and by offering out of hours calls have managed to gain access to and complete the internal works in 98% of the dwellings, only one dwelling remains unaccesable for the time being.



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