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Communal Aerial Systems

We offer a full range of services for communal aerial and IRS systems

New IRS system installation

New communal aerial system installation

Communal Aerial System Repairs

4 G LTE interference filtering and prevention

Communal system repairs and maintenance

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Digital compliance upgrades/reports

Sky + twin feed upgrades

Head end only supply installation

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Commercial aerial services
We offer full aerial and satellite services for builders, electricians, developers, architects, shops, pubs, stores and offices.

Communal aerial and shared dish systems types
Digital TV signal and or satellite signals can be distributed to multiple dwellings using a number of different systems.

Master Antenna Television or M.A.T.V
Digital (freeview) TV signal from one central aerial array which could also include FM and DAB radio distributed to multiple dwellings over a hard wired screened cable system, many existing communal aerial systems use this type of system and we offer repairs, maintenance, upgrades and maintenance contracts for these existing systems.

Integrated Reception System or IRS
This is a shared dish/shared aerial system) which combines TV and satellite signal into a single cable and distributes these signals throughout a property such as a block of flats or terrace of houses, today’s accepted standard for new installations is a twin cabled system, (a minimum of two cables per dwelling) a twin feed system will allow the use of a Sky + type satellite receiver, some existing older systems however do have a single feed only which does limit the operation of recording satellite receivers.
As with MATV systems DAB and FM radio can easily be included. An IRS system will offer residents the greatest choice and flexibility enabling a free choice of the method in which they receive their digital reception via satellite or Freeview.

IRS design and installation services.

Each new IRS system we install is individually designed to meet your system requirements but all have a similar theme. The required signals are combined at a central location, the combined signals are then distributed to each dwelling where a multi socket outlet is installed leaving the dwelling digital ready and the resident free to choose thier preferred method of reception.

IRS Head End Installation for Electrical Contractors, AV installers and Builders
Want to wire the property yourselves? No problem. We work with many builders, electricians, and AV companies. We can help plan the system and then install the aerial, satellite array and head end distribution system connecting your cables and then commissioning and testing the completed system providing completion certificates if required.

Fast responce communal system repairs
Whole communal system down and need a fast response and repair ? give us a call we will try our best to help, we carry a wide range of communal equipment ex-stock and can often have the system back up and running within hours of your call.

Planned maintenance and contracted services
We offer a range of planned maintenance contracts as well as planning for and reduction of 4G LTE interference, 4g LTE launches early 2013, many communal systems are expected to be affected possibly causing loss of channels and in some cases complete lose of reception, don’t want to be caught out by 4g interference give us a call.


Our engineers are licensed with the RDI-LB

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