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Fast TV aerial repairs

We offer fast and cost effective repairs to TV aerials, our helpful telephone operators will be able to quickly arrange an appointment with one of our directly employed engineers.
We can have your TV aerial repaired and working again in a single same day visit.

Transparent and up front aerial repair prices

We have no hidden extra’s and are always up front with our prices, you are always in control of the cost of the repairs so there are no nasty surprises when we present our bill.

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TV Aerial repair cost

A TV Aerial repair costs from £35.00 + vat + parts.

What is included

The initial charge covers the call out and 1st 30 minutes diagnostic labour but can include some of the more simple repairs e.g. loose connection, TV tuning, loose bracket, alignment etc.

Others charge comparable prices just to call them out. Always wise to check what is included.

Additional labour

We are usually able to diagnose the cause of the fault within the 1st 30 minutes however sometimes this may take longer, this may be the case if you have a larger mulitpoint system, your system could have more than one fault causing the problem, some aerials are harder to access than others.

If more time is required our repair man would advise you as soon as he can estimate the time he needs and seek your authorisation.

If needed a second 30 minutes labour is £30.00 + vat.

Parts when needed

It is not always possible to carry out a proper lasting repair without parts, as soon as we find the need for parts our repair man would advise you of the parts needed, why they are needed and give you a price for the total repair including the parts.

We would always seek your authorisation before installing new parts so you are always in control of the final cost of your aerial repair.

Our vans stock a wide range of spare parts and would be able to get your system back up and running within a single visit.

Economic TV aerial repairs

A quality aerial properly installed can last 20 + years however if an old aerial 12 years + develops a fault it can make economic sense to simply replace it completely, Your repair man would always offer the best advice.

If you choose a replacement we would absorb the initial diagnostic charge within the replacement price provided we replace during the same visit.

Repair quotation

It is not possible for us to provide a free written quotation for a repair, it will take time and often some complex testing to determine the cause of the fault.

We can of course provide a free quotation for a complete replacement but many reception problems can be quickly and easily fixed.

4 G LTE interference

Currently 4 G interference is rare, to date system problems caused by 4 G have been sorted using a combination of filters and aerial changes.

If you think you are suffering 4 G interference give us a call we can test your system, filter out the interference or offer alternatives to get you trouble free digital reception.

Quality replacement aerial parts

We do not scrimp on materials, the replacement parts we would install would be branded quality materials.


Our aerial repairs are covered by our twelve month parts and labour guarantee.

Freeview aerial faults

There are many causes of freeview reception problems, reception problems can be recognised by the following symptoms.

Pixelation, the TV picture may have blocks, squares or lines of blocks randomly appearing, the picture may also freeze.

The TV screen may appear black/blank/blue, some models of television sets may give a “No signal” message.

The sound can be affected causing what is often described as a crack noise, this is often accompanied by picture problems.

Missing freeview channels.

Your TV may tune only some of the available channels.
Digital freeview channels are transmitted in groups “muxes” as each mux is transmitted on a different frequency the signal levels will vary slightly, this variation in levels is common and not usually a problem with a properly working system however if all your signals are weak then the weakest groups of channels may not be tuned in by your TV or set top box, by re-tuning your TV you may gain them back but would likely have problems as above trying to view these channels.

Loose, Leaning or fallen TV aerial, these problems may not affect reception immediately however these problems will not cure themselves, a loose aerial will move in high winds possibly causing damage to the wall or chimney it is fixed to.


Self repair advice

We will be pleased to call and take care of the complete repair for you, you are not required to do any testing yourself before you call us, the following advice is provided as it may save you the cost of a repair call out.

Here are some tests you may be able to do yourself, most of these simple checks can be performed in front of your TV.

Please do not attempt any of the following if you are not comfortable you can do this safely, some of the testing may involve moving the TV set so please be careful.

Different makes of TV and set top box will have differing displays and if possible it is always good to refer to your TV’s instruction manual, some TV manufacturers also offer a helpline, if the problem is experienced with a new TV the shop where purchased may be able to help identify if your aerial is at fault.

Blank screen faults or snow on screen

The TV shows a blank blue screen, blank black screen, snowy screen or sometimes a no signal message.

The 1st and simplest check is to make sure your TV is on the correct channel, if using a set top box check the TV is switched to the correct input to recieve the scart or HDMI input that the box is connected to.

The simplest way to test this is to press the menu button on the set top box remote, even if you have no aerial signal the menu should appear on screen. (press menu again usually exits the menu screen).

No menu appears on screen, you could still be on the wrong channel or You could have a cable between the box and TV disconnected.
If able you could check that these cable connections are securely and fully plugged in however unless disturbed these usually stay in place.

Getting a menu on screen but no pictures ? (see reception faults).

If using a digital TV make sure you have selected a digital and not analogue channel, on the TV remote control some makes of TV have a TV/DTV button, others have a source button, you will need to select DTV (digital TV) or DVB (digital video broardcast).

Happy you have selected the correct channel and still no pictures ? (see reception faults).

Reception faults

If able you can check the aerial cable has not become unplugged from the back of the TV or the set top box or if you have one the TV aerial wall socket.

If Your system has an amplifier check this has not been switched off, some but not all of the more modern amplifiers have a light that lets you know it has power.

TV aerial amplifiers are not repairable or serviceable items.

If you can see the aerial from the ground you can visually inspect the cable if external and the aerial itself.

If anything appears loose or your aerial has fallen our advice is to call us as all aerial repairs that require the use of ladders or involve working at height including lofts should be carried out by professional aerial repairers.

DIY enthusiasts advice

To repair a faulty TV aerial system may be much more difficult than installing a complete new system, without the correct and often costly specialist test equipment you may replace many components unnecessarily, this can prove costly and very time consuming.

If you are determined to undertake the aerial repair yourself, the best advice we can offer is to firstly make sure you can access the work area safely, if working at height eliminate the risk of a fall.

Secondly, source the materials from a dedicated aerial supplier, most of the DIY sheds stock very poor quality materials.

We are registered digital installers. We install only digital approved materials to the highest standards using industry approved methods.

By choosing a registered digital installer, you can rest assured we have current and up to date training, insurances, working at heights certification and CRB checks in place.


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