DIY Sky system BACK UP

Although we refer to Sky + boxes below, this back up procedure should work on any Sky receiver.
Something you can try yourself when your Sky + receiver is stuck on standby or “frozen“.


Please read and agree with the disclaimer at the foot of the page before proceeding.

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Sky system back up procedure.

1. Turn off the mains power to the Sky + receiver.

2. Wait at least 10 seconds.

2. Hold down the "Backup'' button on the front of the Sky + box.

3. Reconnect the power.

4. Keep holding down the "Backup'' button for around 30 seconds.

5. The lights on the front of the Sky + receiver should now light up.

6. If your TV is connected to the Sky box via a Scart lead, the following message will be displayed "Updating System Software…".

7. Release the "Backup'' button.

8. Allow the system up to 15 minutes, and then it will turn off.

9.Turn on the Sky + box.

Hopefully your system is now working once again.

If this has not fixed the problem this could be due to one of the following:
Your dish has lost alignment and needs realigning.
There is a fault with your cable or LNB.
Your receiver is faulty.
We offer a diagnostic service call where we will check your system to include aligning your dish if this is the cause or the problem.
The cost of this service is £39.00 + vat plus parts.
We would advise if parts are faulty and of the complete repair price before proceeding further.
Unfortunately we have no receiver repair service as we have been unable to find a reliable or permanent repair service to offer our customers. In our opinion it is time to look for a replacement receiver.
We can supply a brand new Sky + receiver for £159.00 = vat (+ £39.00 + vat delivery, installation and set up)
You are responsible for any repairs or actions taken to repair your Sky + equipment.
If your receiver is under warranty, our advice is to call the company whom warranties your equipment.
A system “back up/soft ware update” should not damage a receiver however Smart Digital take no responsibility and you should only follow this back up procedure if you agree to this disclaimer.